International Financing and Commercial Loans

EFLtd provides financing options to viable international business ventures. Our loan products are customized for each specific project.

Lending Criteria:

  • For international projects, there is a $1 million (USD) minimum funding request requirement for all phases.
  • Loans are typically made for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25-year terms.
  • The primary borrower must have majority ownership of the borrowing company.
  • The primary borrower must be above 25.
  • The project to be funded must comply with government regulations. The project must be located within a country that we are allowed to do business with.
  • There shall be a loan collateral fee.

Application Process:

  • All funding requests will be submitted to EFLtd through one of our associates in their region, or directly to
  • To start the application process, applicants must submit the following documents for prequalification:
    • Funding Inquiry Form [download]
    • Business plan for the borrower's project
    • Executive summary on the borrower's company
    • Other documents as deemed necessary.
    Only applicants prequalified by EFLtd will be allowed to begin formal application.
  • Final submission of loan application will include:
    • All loan documents requested by EFLtd
    • Organizational incorporation documents for the borrower's U.S.-based company
    • Approval notice of visa application (if necessary)
    • Additional documents as deemed necessary.
  • After conducting a thorough review of the project application, EFLtd will either grant approval or reject the application. ()
  • If a loan application receives final approval, applicant will be issued a funding contract, with terms and conditions of the financing. Funds may be released upon execution of the contract with both parties' signatures. Processing fees and closing costs must be paid prior to disbursement of funds.