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From equity investments to commercial loans, from new startups to large international projects, EFLtd has a financing option that is right for you.


EFLtd is a private capital firm, incorporated and licensed in England. EFLtd complies with all international regulations regarding private commercial non-bank lending and investing.

EFLtd is a member of the Commercial Finance Association, the largest commercial finance trade association in the U.S.

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EFLtd provides private capital and management for major development projects around the world.

As a private capital investment firm, we are able to review each project on its merits, and make funding decisions based upon the applicant’s potential for success rather than strict lending and investment formulas determined by regulatory agencies.

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EFLtd News

EFLtd has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to finance senior housing development in China. A total funding of 1 billion RMB yuan (US$153 million) is available.

EFLtd has streamlined the application process, and hope to award the loan to a developer in China as quickly as possible.

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